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Moorage Facilities


Birds Eye View of Basin

Description of Facilities

The Richland Yacht Club moorage docks are privately owned by the Club and occupy water leased from the City of Richland. The Club's five docks A to F (right to left above) provide moorage for over 150 boats. Lengths of slips are 24ft, 32ft, 40ft, and 56ft, plus end and side tie moorage. All slips have separately metered power available. There is potable water available on the docks (no charge) and an ice maker located on D dock. We also have a member-only fuel dock (between D & E) that supplies non-ethanol gasoline at reduced prices.


At this time, the club has no moorage openings. However we do maintain a waiting list for new members applying for moorage. Members can view the current waiting list on the Members Downloads link (side menu)
Contact Us (side menu) for more information.

Schedule of Fees

Moorage is assessed on a per year basis (April - March). Fees are prorated for members assigned moorage after April 1st.
24ft slip $600.00   32ft slip $900.00   40ft slip $1200.00   56ft slip $1800.00.
Side and End ties are billed at ~ $30.00/ft based on length of inboard slip and only leased as a single moorage.

Reciprocal Moorage

Click on the Reciprocal Yacht Clubs for a listing of yacht clubs having reciprocal moorage privileges. This download has direct links to the website for each club. For members of these clubs we have open end ties on some docks and on the west side of "F" dock.


Moorage Request Form

CO-Energy Fuel Card Application

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