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Yacht Talk Newsletter

RYC Yacht Talk Newsletter

To minimize duplication of information between the Yacht Talk Newsletter and the RYC Website, their format and content have been revised. The following provides some idea on where you should look for information.

  • Relatively Stable Club Information (Officers, History, Facilities, Ship’s Store, Application forms, etc.):   Only on the website.   
  • Officer Reports/Messages:   Only in current newsletter section.   
  • EB Meeting Highlights:   Only in current newsletter section.   
  • Club Activities and Events:   Near term info in newsletter section and All-hands Bulletins; longer term info on Website/Annual Calendar (12 months).   
  • News & Notes:   Near term info in current newsletter section; longer term info on website (an appropriate period).   
  • EB Notices:   Non-sensitive info in newsletter section; sensitive and longer term info on Website.   
  • Classified Ads:   New ads in newsletter section; all ads on website.
The current Yacht Talk Newsletter is immediately available by clicking on the link below. Newsletters for the last 12 months are also available in the Downloads (Public) area of the website.
Latest YachTalk

 Please note: The Yacht Talk Special Edition news letters can be found in the members only EB Notices section.

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