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These are the officers, committee chairs, and other folks that have volunteered their time to manage our Club in 2015. By clicking on the photograph, you will bring up a window that summarizes their responsibilities. Please get to know these dedicated individuals and support their efforts.

If you would like to contact one of these individuals directly, use the secure Contact Us page. Members who have logged in may also use the e-mail addresses in the Yacht Talk or Membership Roster in the Downloads (Members) section of the website.

2019 RYC Officers

Doug Larsen

Roy Keck
Vice Commodore

Debbie Thorington
Rear Commodore

Dan Breen

Bruce Carlisle
Dock Captain

Heather DeVries
Recording Secretary

Obie Amacker
Corresponding Secretary

Gary Scofield
Past Commodore

Brent Schindehite
Building Coordinator

Sandy Sanders
Rental Coordinator

Nick Qafoku
Board Member at Large

Kim Detienne
Board Member at Large

Bob Gray
Board Member at Large

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